Angela Park project

For the Angela Park project in Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands, BRT Architects designed a suitable quiet and familiar environment for the 28, dementia suffering, residents; colour, smell, acoustics and orientation in time and space were all considered. The nursing home consists of 4 independent living sections to reduce the scale and in order to create a homely atmosphere. Each residential section has seven individual rooms and a common living room, which is accessible directly from outside to avoid, as much as possible, an institutional character. To reinforce this idea of home, each housing section has an open kitchen, access to a private garden and a en suite closet, reminiscent of a bygone era. The single-storey building has a continuous low roof structure that evokes a familiar image and promotes integration into the environment.

Verzorgingshuis Warmenhuizen 001 XS

Verzorgingshuis Warmenhuizen 003 XS

Verzorgingshuis Warmenhuizen 017 XS

Verzorgingshuis Warmenhuizen 021 XS

Verzorgingshuis Warmenhuizen 022 XS